Office: H-1221 Budapest, Leányka str. 38. VI./39.
Telephone/Fax: +0036-1-229-0113
E-mail: szekely[at]sugallat[dot]hu

Our company is working on three apparently very different fields, but they can be combined optionally. We can manage one part or another, or even the whole of your project.

A project may consist of the following:

  • design and getting permission for the building(s) of your investment,
  • preparation of application for grant financed by the European Union or Hungary,
  • technical / financial management of the project,
  • handling public procurement of construction, services, supplies of the project,
  • supervising works.

Public procurement: our services for Employers and Tenderers (Bidders)
For Employers we undertake the following tasks:

  1. Preparation of documents concerning public procurement according to the Public Procurement Law. Public procurement documentation may consist of the following documents:
    • Public procurement regulations of the Employer
    • Technical specifications / Terms of Reference / Plans *
    • List of Tenderers*
    • Call for proposals and annexes
    • Minutes of Evaluation
    • Summary
    • Contract
      *These documents to be supplied by the Employer.

  2. Attending procurement procedure until acceptance or end of procedure:
    • Finalisation of technical specification
    • Answering possible questions of Tenderers
    • Participation in evaluation, preparation of evaluation documents
    • Uploading public summons onto the Electronic Document Handling System of the Hungarian Public Procurement Authority.

For Tenderers (Bidders) we undertake the following tasks:

  1. Compilation of Tender upon the data and documents supplied by the Tenderer
  2. Checking of the Tender prepared by the Tenderer before submission
Architectural design, supervising
We undertake preparation of plans for permission, tender plans, construction plans, during the realization of the investment the representation of the Employer, supervising, and tasks of the so-called 'independent Engineer'.
Application for grants, project management
We prepare, compile, or check your application for grants financed by Hungarian government or the European Union (Structural Funds, Cohesion Fund). You can entrust us with one or more phases of management of the successful grant project: technical/financial management, preparation and submission of project reports, contact with the contracting authority.